Fleet management

Expertise allows for the handling of any type of task related to the management of the vehicle Fleet.
The access to and periodic analyses of the information related to vehicle fleets allows us to streamline our processes, minimizing costs and optimizing operations.
We manage the procurement of insurance and track the evolution of claims processes to reduce costs, whether the insurance is included in the payment or if it´s carried out through an insurance company.
We can arrange any type of service related to the management of your fleet (vehicle replacement, transportation, driver service…).


Depending on the ANTEVENI system the Client opts for, we offer comprehensive fleet management.

Periodic meetings are held to evaluate the condition of the fleet, and all reports are presented to the Client (should they so desire).

The utility of this process is that a complete status report on any work related to the vehicle fleet is available to those people currently using the vehicles. With Comprehensive Management, ANTEVENI offers the services available within the 7 service options, each of which can be opted for individually on an as- needed basis. With Comprehensive Management, ANTEVENI offers the services available within the 7 service options, each of which can be opted for individually on an as- needed basis.

Petrol Use/ Mileage Option

We provide the management of petrol cards and monthly monitoring of petrol spending. Monthly reports are sent out detailing quantities of fuel use and means of use, as well as inappropriate uses (weekend fill-ups, toll fees paid on the weekend, use of different types of fuel…).

We will send out monthly mileage reports so you can review mileage usage rates to ensure accuracy and, if necessary, increase or decrease the usage rate initially indicated in the contract. If usage rates are consistently monitored and the appropriate measures taken, the extra cost of excess miles at the time of contract termination is avoidable.

Replacement Vehicle Option

The replacement of vehicles is the part of the daily management that generates the most problems and results in significant cost increases if the process is not properly adhered to. Some companies factor this into the monthly fee and others prefer to pay by each use as it arises.

In both cases we have implemented measures that optimize related costs.

Contract Option

With this option we oversee all the processes of the daily management of the vehicle fleet:

  • Estimate Requests
  • Generation of reports of offerings by supplier
  • Generation of reports of offerings by make
  • Management of requests
  • Coordination of deliveries and pick ups
  • Pre-delivery management of the vehicle, if applicable
  • Management of contract extensions
  • Management of contract modifications
  • Generation of statements

Accident Option

The large-scale implementation of variable insurance among vehicle rental companies based on accident rates in many cases can imply a previously unforeseen cost increase for businesses.

At ANTENEVI we monitor accident claims, and thus far have had excellent results that have translated into significant savings for our clients.

Telephone Customer Service Option

It can be difficult for many companies to respond to client complaints, claims and incidents. We properly manage telephone customer service and follow- up to ensure that the client gets suitable resolution.

Clients have access to monthly company incident reports compiled by the rental company.
Moreover, we take care of the notifying the rental company of all information and user changes.

Billing Option

Our Clients can opt to have all bills for vehicle rental and fleet and supplier-related expenses sent directly to ANTENEVI, authorizing us according to the parameters and criteria defined by the Client. We will provide the Client with an accounting

statement (in Client´s preferred format) both in written form and by e-mail in order to facilitate the accounting process.
We monitor and follow up on any items that fall outside Client- defined parameters.

Penalties/Fines Option

Since the Point Law went into effect, the appropriate management of penalties and fines has become all the more essential in order to avoid unnecessary fees (as the most common fines are those imposed for drivers not carrying the required identification on their person). At ANTENEVI we process all penalties and fines received through the corresponding departments at the rental companies, first identifying the individual in

non-compliance, indicating in the necessary cases the desire to plea and following through with the subsequent proceedings.
In the case of vehicles for whom such a service isn´t provided through the rental company, we can manage the identification portion or seek out the services of a specialized agency.

To better meet your needs, we furnish the personnel and/or the software necessary for the implementation and development of turn key projects related to the management of the vehicle fleet.

Systems and applications

Our department of I+D+I technological development aims to improve and streamline fleet management, designing different systems and applications that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.